Our set of trainers (facilitators), are a big part of the student’s transformation journey.

Being extremely passionate about children, working for Shilp was one of the best choices I have made
Working with students is always fun. Transforming their lives and imparting essential life skills is most needed. I am very happy that I made the right decision to join Shilp. Transformation initially started with me. I lacked motivation and confidence. But I have gained confidence in just over a month and a transformation journey has started within. I am excited to work with the students for their betterment
Many students are academically good but struggle to communicate, make decisions and lack in confidence. Shilp Enterprises enhances their career and personal growth by wonderfully bridging this gap. Being a trainer at Shilp provides the opportunity to be at the epitome of this change
A dentist by profession but a trainer at heart. Working with children has always been a passion for me and working with Shilp Enterprises has helped me combine both, my profession and my passion. Shilp is unified and  being part of this team promotes a sense of belonging,caring for one another, and it shows in a spirit of cooperation and oneness. As trainers we guide little feet in their walk at home and school and that brings a responsibility that is shared by all my colleagues at Shilp. At Shilp, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk!
To transform our students into great citizens, I needed to change myself so that I can set an example. I am really happy that I am able to contribute to their future and the society by creating leaders
Teaching and training is a profession where we never stop learning and that’s the reason I am associated with Shilp Enterprises – nurturing life specific goals and attitudes to the next generation. I learn many things that are essential in life to proceed in a matured way. This platform helps me to present and train the qualities that a student should possess within and to mould himself/herself as a good human to the society
With dreams high and zeal aplenty, I entered Shilp with an open mind, just ready to learn and get moulded myself just like the name suggests. Since I have to chisel young minds I certainly know that my transformation is very important and truly I’ve been able to see a better me. Shilp gives me the freedom and autonomy to work with the children and that’s the greatest advantage any trainer would get. There is so much to learn, so much to explore and so much to facilitate the young minds and I love doing what I do at Shilp
My passion is to change the next generation in a positive way and I share that with Shilp. Our mission is to transform lives of many by imparting Leadership & Life skills so that their future is set
In this competitive world it is required for us to live with the necessary skills. We tend to make wrong choices if we don’t have those basic skills. I often see people and wonder why they do things which they don’t like but they have to, because they may not know what the choices are and how to make them. I found the motive behind finding this organization and it was all about  “to better people lives day by day” and there is no end to becoming better
From my college days I had many opportunities to  serve differently-abled children. From that time I always had the urge to work with children. When I got the opportunity to work with Shilp enterprises, I accepted immediately. Here, we act as an agent to bring change in the life’s of the children with whom we work. This is not just work because you as an individual improve in all aspects of your life day by day