Our mission is to transform as many students as possible, for personal & professional success...
Our trainers are working with 1000's of students across schools



IGNITE program is integrated as part of School’s timetable & curriculum for the entire academic year.

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IGNITE program at our centres is an after school program in Chennai & Bangalore.

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IGNITE program at Apartments is an after school program conducted at apartment complexes or community centres.

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"A class 9 girl found our tips and tricks on academic skills very interesting as she now practices memory retention techniques and uses mind mapping for representing difficult chapters visually."
"After this class I learned that I learn by visual type and I have started learning all my subjects through this method."
"Three students of class 8th misbehaved and were disinterested in class. Our trainer worked with the students collectively and individually and each one of them has shown marked improvements in their behaviour."
"I don't have many friends in my class. After starting to attend the Ignite program, I have started talking to more people in my class."
"A student of 10th is being continuously mentored for improvement in self-confidence. He was also mentored on using mind maps in studies during the quarterly exams. There has been a remarkable improvement in his enthusiasm levels and has helped him improve his scores."